Play to win but stuck in a rut? 

Has Overwhelm Got You Off-track?

Get Your “Quick Start Trailblazing Handbook” that reveals 7 Innovative Principles to Get Out of Overwhelm, Back on Track to Pivot Your Business Into Profits! 

What’s in this Handbook? 

This handbook book reveals 7 key principles learned from 30 + years of starting, growing, rehabbing, scaling, selling businesses and overlays insights from 30 + years of living with and rehabilitating from a severe traumatic brain injury.

These principles are what I used to make dramatic differences in my life and business.  I’ve shared them with thousands of clients- and now I want to share them with you.

❤️ Taking insights learned from seeing how the brain see’s & learns… you’ll discover 7 Principles that can change how you approach doing business that will pivot into profits. 

❤️ Everyone is thinking around business- These Principles get to the heart of what is the SOUL of business.

❤️ The H- Factor. The Human Factor.  In the push for IOT, Saas, AI… You”ll Discover WHY the human matters…matter.

❤️ You’ll understand the power of Vision... it’s much more than sight and imagination, and will be able to apply refinements to the way you think about how to do business. This is key for pivots.

❤️ Many of our ways of thinking about how to build and do business are outdated, antiquated and were always built on systems that set you up for failure.  You’ll gain insights that will set you apart to leverage YOUR insights for Income. 

❤️ The ‘old’ thinking about how to ‘build, grow, and be successful in business is riddled with roadblocks that get us stuck.  These 7 Principles enable you to remove the roadblocks quickly and avoid new ones. 

❤️ The 7 Trailblazing Principles you will receive when you download your Handbook are simple, road tested, proven and come from an experience few can speak of.

About the Author

Debbra Sweet  Helps leaders Ditch the Disconnect. Energize Their Brand, Business, & Leadership Presence!
She's a ❤ Business & Brand Strategist 🎵 Edutaining Motivational Speaker ❤ NYT Best Selling Author, Performer.
She's also a survivor of a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and today she thrives! 

She is the author of The Quick Start Trailblazing Handbook (1st and 2nd editions) The Power of Leadership Books: (Finding The Leader Within, Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow, Being the Leader Producing Results, How to Be a Leader When Networking'.   She is a contributing author in the NY TIMES best seller Master of Sales.  

Debbra is recognized as one of the most inspirational women, a woman breaking barriers and continues to lead business owners to thrive, achieve goals with her CORE 4™ Process. 

Discover 7 innovative principles that will serve you personally and professionally.  Take action to overcome overwhelm & pivot into profits!

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